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2 Fyve bracelets free with every purchase of a Transcash pack
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas

Manage your children's pocket money from the age of 13

Gone are the days – not so long ago – when children put a small coin in their piggy bank to buy sweets.

Now they use their pocket money to pay by card.

Betty and Paul are parents of 3 kids, they know they can’t get away with it especially as they’re fed up of giving their Transcash card away. The red Transcash prepaid Mastercard® for 13-year-olds and over is the ideal way to lead them down the road to freedom…

Up to 3 red cards is perfect: 1 per child!

The Transcash pack includes a black card for adults and a red card for children aged 13 and over, plus 2 additional red cards (at extra cost) for the whole family.

These prepaid cards from the Mastercard network work with a PIN code that Paul and Betty can personalise. The black card can be topped up by card, wire transfer or top-up voucher at points of sale or online and the red one gets loaded by a card to card transfer from the black card.

Les parents gèrent l'argent de poche des enfants avec Transcash

Don't worry darling, there's personalized  parental control on Transcash cards

The red prepaid card gives children the independence and freedom they dream of, while keeping their spending under control: that’s essential! In fact, it’s the ideal means of payment to help them gain independence without breaking the bank.

Betty and Paul can:

Lock or unlock the Transcash card
Authorize or disallow cash withdrawals from ATMs
Block sites or merchants that are prohibited or not recommended for minors (bars, tobacconists, discotheques, sex shops, etc.)
Authorize or disallow contactless payments

We transfer  money between cards quickly

Transferring money from a black card to a red card is easy : from the customer area or the App, Paul and Betty manage the ‘Transfer between cards’ tab.


The balance is immediately adjusted: it’s fast and safer than cash! Money sent to the card enables secure purchases (no more lost bills) thanks to 3D Secure online purchasing.

Envoyer l'argent de poche sur la Carte rouge Transcash

Transcash red card is free of monthly fees !

The prepaid red card is attached to the black card, and allows you to receive money from it. You pay €1/month for the black card and all associated red cards.

Paul summarizes to make sure he's not dreaming: