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2 Fyve bracelets free with every purchase of a Transcash pack
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas

Travel lightly with Transcash!

Betty and Paul are planning a romantic week in the Big Apple: New York. They’ve packed everything in their suitcases except the dollar cash. Don’t panic… With Transcash prepaid Mastercard®, they can define a global budget and load part of it onto the card. « Let’s live the american dream » !

Less cash in the pocket and more money on the cards

When traveling abroad, and especially outside the euro zone, you’re always torn by the famous question: “How much currency should I take out for exchange?”. Travelling with lots of cash is a source of stress for all tourists!

Money stashed in the hotel safe, in your socks, in a banana (and what style!)… These are just some of the techniques used by Paul before Transcash. The best solution is to have several means of payment on site.

Our lovers understood this, and boarded the plane for NYC with 2 Transcash cards in their pockets. They’ll be able to easily manage their vacation budget. Especially as payments in dollars are free of charge (excluding the exchange rate). Their bank card is protected and can stay at home!

Voyage à New York Statue de la Liberté

I buy safely on the other side of the Atlantic

Having cards is great, but secure cards are even better. No worry, Transcash crosses borders to offer you reloadable cards for international travel:

EMV chip and PIN code: enhanced transaction security
Global Mastercard network: I can buy anywhere in the world!
Nominative card: you can order one, it’s perfect for hotel reservations and car rentals

Shopping en magasin à New York

2 Transcash prepaid cards for twice the fun!

With their black card fully loaded for their holiday, Betty and Paul didn’t forget their red card, so they could benefit from 2 rechargeable cards on the spot. Transferring money from the black to the red card is immediate and free of charge: that’s what New York is all about…

*For the uninitiated, Paul refers to the famous top of New York’s Rockefeller Center.