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2 Fyve bracelets free with every purchase of a Transcash pack
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas

Banking worries? Discover the Transcash bankless Mastercard®

Hugo has had a few minor problems with his bank, leaving him without a bank card or checkbook. The Transcash prepaid card provides him with a flexible, no-obligation solution to meet his needs. A quick way to reconnect with life and friends…

Transcash accepts bank ban and people with bank issues

This airhead Hugo is suffering from his poor financial management. After one (or more!) small payment incidents, he and her girlfriend Nour find themselves without a card for their purchases

What can you do in this kind of situation? Excluded in part from the banking system – his account still exists, as is his right in France – but without a bank card, checkbook or credit facility, how can he continue to make purchases?

Transcash offers a pack of 2 reloadable prepaid cards and a flexible way with no commitment to open an account:

No credit check
 No income requirements
No bank required

I pay like everyone else with my Transcash card

In fact, Hugo and Nour are only allowed to cash transfers or checks, make cash withdrawals or deposits, or pay by direct debit with the bank.

With a pack of 2 Transcash cards and a Transcash top up bought in cash at one of the 30,000 points of sale in France, he activated the black prepaid card and loaded money onto it. They can now :


– Use the card and buy free of charge online or in-store
Load cash from €20 to €500 at tobacconists and newsagents
Withdraw money
Transfer money from card to card
For just 1€/month in management fees

Interdit bancaire accepté avec Transcash

I choose the formula that suits me best

At Transcash, you choose the formula that best suits your needs! Depending on the supporting documents you want to send, you can choose a package with higher limits on the prepaid black card:

    • Access: no documents required
    • Essential: proof of identity
    • Max: proof of identity + code or video check

Hugo tells you more about his experience

Nour tells us more

I won't be in the red  all the time

For those wondering: “What if I have €0 in my account?” Hugo explains:

Remember this about Transcash:

Zero overdraft
Real-time monitoring of your money
Reloadable at any time in various ways

Hugo has got away with it’s issues and has also improved the way he manages his money. At the end of the banking ban procedure, he is almost certain to stay with Transcash because of its many advantages. He discusses this with Nour.