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2 Fyve bracelets free with every purchase of a Transcash pack
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas

Transcash makes it easy to withdraw cash from ATMs

Cash is still the preferred means of payment in certain shops, and they ensure that you have cash wherever you are: Transcash explains where and how to withdraw cash from automatic teller machines (ATMs)! Lucie plans to make the most of the little dress she spotted at the market before buying a croissant for the road…

More than 2 million ATMs in the worldwide Mastercard network

The Transcash Mastercard® prepaid card pack enables you to withdraw cash from ATMs in France and French overseas departments and territories with the ACCESS package, and from the entire Mastercard network worldwide with the ESSENTIAL and MAX packages.
Black cards for 18-year-olds and red cards for 13-year-olds allow you to fill up on cash for your various purchases.


Lucie, who has a red card that’s perfect for managing her pocket money, needs cash for outings with her girlfriends. Today in her city, tomorrow in Europe or on vacation in Asia, she can withdraw cash from 2 million ATMs! The Transcash reloadable prepaid card is:

– A zero overdraft payment and withdrawal card

Reloadable by cash with Transcash top-ups at over 30,000 points of sale

– Accepted in Mastercard’s worldwide network of millions of ATMs


And before making a withdrawal in euros or local currency abroad, Lucie can check her card’s balance by logging on to her Transcash customer area or via the application. All transactions are visible there, and she can easily decide on her next purchases by controlling her budget!

Retrait distributeur automatique partout dans le monde

Withdraw money up to €500/day in MAX formula

When should I withdraw cash from an ATM?

Small-denomination cash is a good way to pay for purchases at local shops and other outlets that don’t accept credit cards: :

  • Bakery
  • Primeur
  • Tobacconist and press
  • Markets and craft stalls, etc.

Banknotes of 10€, 20€ or 50€ for the most frequent, they are often used for local purchases in town. Depending on how you use your Transcash prepaid card, you can withdraw more or less cash. Lucie, on the MAX formula, can withdraw up to 500€/day:

Between cash withdrawals at ATMs and contactless payments in stores, she’s got a diversified way of managing her pocket money! Let’s see if she sticks to her budget… Because her mother Betty will be controlling her spending with the Transcash app!
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I load my card and withdraw as needed in complete safety

Withdrawing money in cash also offers an advantage in terms of the confidentiality of the purchase. With her €50, Lucie can surprise her boyfriend without anyone knowing about her exact purchase. So she can withdraw cash discreetly when she needs to, securing the rest of her money on her red Transcash card. And when she travels with her Transcash reloadable prepaid card, Lucie no longer needs to bring large sums of cash or traveller’s cheques before her departure: she simplifies and secures her travels abroad by withdrawing in local currency on the spot.