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2 Fyve bracelets free with every purchase of a Transcash pack
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas
NFC Contactless payment solutions Cards for all the families Free shipping in France and overseas

Transcash Mastercard®, the reloadable prepaid and bankless payment card

Accepted throughout the worldwide Mastercard network it is used like any other bank card.

The Transcash Mastercard is recharged in the same way as a prepaid phone card.

With Transcash Mastercard, there’s no risk of overdraft!

You can only spend the amount available on your card.

Sans compte bancaire

What is a prepaid card ?

With Transcash, you're no longer dependent on a bank.

A prepaid payment card is a systematic authorization card derived from the immediate debit payment card. It can be used to spend in stores and on the Internet, as well as to withdraw cash from ATMs. It’s a card without a bank, since we’re talking about a payment account here, not a bank account.

It offers the same features as a standard bank card, such as contactless and 3D Secure, except that there is no overdraft. If your account balance is lower than the transaction amount, the card will be refused. It’s a great way to avoid overspending and control your budget!

Cartes Transcash envoi d'argent dans tous les pays

A Mastercard card with zero overdraft and bankless

Transcash Mastercard® payment and cash withdrawal cards are accepted throughout the worldwide Mastercard network, and are used just like a conventional bank card for ATM withdrawals, as well as in-store and online purchases. The major difference lies in the way it is loaded: the international Mastercard card is loaded in the same way as a prepaid phone card.

You benefit from all the services associated with a classic Mastercard, without having to open a bank account: you’re not dependent on a banking institution. And with Transcash Mastercard, there’s no risk of overdraft: you can only spend the amount available in your account. And unlike traditional bank-issued credit cards, you don’t overspend, and you don’t pay agios: goodbye exorbitant bank charges!

The card with no commitment and no income requirement: the alternative to standard card

Using the Transcash card requires no commitment on your part: load your card with the amount you want, according to your needs and desires, at any time of the year! With no income, deposit or asset requirements, and no credit checks, the card is accessible to everyone.

When you open an account with a bank, you’re making a commitment, and it can take a long time to process your administrative file, especially if you’ve had banking incidents, or if you’ve recently immigrated to France or are an expatriate, for example. With Transcash, you get a payment card that’s available immediately, with no commitment, no processing fees or acceptance delays!

Carte sans engagement Transcash Mastercard
Illustration document liberté Transcash Mastercard

Choose the Transcash prepaid card that's right for you immediately and no receipts required

Since decree 2016-1523, French residents can use a prepaid payment card without having to provide proof of identity and address, to make withdrawals* and purchases at merchants and on the internet only in France and French overseas departments and territories in a limited range of goods and services (thematic in ACCESS formula). To make payments and withdrawals in the worldwide Mastercard network, all you need to do is provide proof of identity and address after activating your black card (ESSENTIAL and MAX formulas).

You can buy the Transcash bankless card online, in the “buy my card” section, with free shipping, or at one of our 30,000 retailers in France (tobacconists, newsagents and service stations in French overseas departments and territories). You can activate your card immediately and start using it as soon as you purchase it.

The prepaid card can be loaded in various ways: in cash with a Transcash top up available in tobacconists or on the Internet on the official Transcash top-up website, by credit card or wire transfer*. From the comfort of your own home, or when you’re running an errand at a tobacconist’s, choose the loading method you prefer!

How to load the Transcash Mastercard prepaid card?

By Transcash top ups, credit card, wire transfer or card-to-card transfer

In all formula, you can reload the Transcash card :

For ESSENTIAL and MAX packages only, you can also top up your card by wire transfer or Transcash card-to-card transfer.

Cash reloading with Transcash top ups: quick and easy!

This is what differentiates the prepaid card from a bank card: as well as being agios-free, it can be loaded with cash by purchasing Transcash top ups from €20 to €500 (€150 for the ACCESS package) at tobacconists.

In addition to loading by credit card or bank transfer using the RIB supplied (reserved for the ESSENTIAL and MAX formulas), the bankless prepaid payment card offers loading flexibility for all profiles, thanks to this loading method payable in cash at a physical point of sale.

Simply log on to your personal space or the application to load the prepaid black card. You can also view your transaction history (monthly statements), change formulas in just a few clicks and free of charge, or transfer from card to card: between black cards, from black to red or between red cards.